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The City of Springfield announced Mayor Misty Buscher’s groundbreaking flagship initiative, ‘BUILD Springfield’ (Beautification, Unity, Innovation, Leadership, and Development), aimed at fostering community growth, development, and focused improvement of blight and public safety in Springfield's underserved neighborhoods. This transformative program launched on October 7, 2023, marking a significant step towards creating a healthier, safer, and vibrant Springfield.

A holistic community-focused program, the BUILD Springfield program has been designed strategically to positively impact Springfield's neighborhoods and residents by leveraging non non-traditional, innovative approaches to improve the quality of life in distressed areas. This program is Mayor Buscher's and the City of Springfield's proactive approach to focused delivery of resources for Springfield's neighborhoods in need, with the hope that by working with their local government, Springfield's citizens and organizations can collaboratively become an essential force in improving and maintaining the integrity of our city.

"BUILD Springfield encapsulates the City’s proactive approach to addressing the unique needs of our neighborhoods. We are dedicated to collaborating with our citizens, local agencies, and organizations to create a lasting impact toward community development and neighborhood improvement."

Mayor Misty Buscher


Clean-ups and Beautification

01 / Clean-ups and Beautification

Outreach & Education

02 / Outreach & Education

Fostering Collaborations

03 / Fostering Collaborations


Meet Your Zone Managers and NPO's

Build It Springfield Logo

Build It Springfield Logo

Build It Springfield Logo



Overall Impact


N 14th Street Before

Outreach & Education
N 14th Street After

E Reservoir Street Before

Outreach & Education

E Reservoir Street After


Matheny Ave Before

Outreach & Education

Matheny Ave After

Matheny Ave II Before

Outreach & Education

Matheny Ave II After


12th Street Before

Outreach & Education

12th Street After

Build It Springfield Logo